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Thread: selective sync with zimbra desktop

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    Default selective sync with zimbra desktop


    Is there any way to choose what gets synced to zimbra desktop, or a "lighter" offline client?

    This is for netbook type users who have very little disk space, and syncing all the shared files/documents etc will eat up a lot of disk.

    This needs to be a "per install" thing, as the same user may have a desktop machine with enough disk to get the whole lot.


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    Bug 26760 -Selective sync for zimbra accounts
    Bug 34852 - Logic to download only needed messages

    There's also plans for a ZD-lite (prism only build with some extra tweaks, that you could point at existing ZD or ZCS installs). Down the road we could possibly use some of the structured client-side storage features in HTML 5 to produce an offline standard client that caches data. Having a completely serverless advanced client would take out a lot of functionality/need a lot of re-writes... For ZD, ZCS code is used quite a bit, but there's also a lot of things substituted where more applicable to a desktop situation; one example would be Apache Derby - soon to be replaced with SQLite.

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