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Thread: Emulating Cyrus Shared Folder With Zimbra Mailing Lists: Best Filter Method

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    Default Emulating Cyrus Shared Folder With Zimbra Mailing Lists: Best Filter Method


    we have several distribution lists (list1, list2 list3) and our users are used to having these
    lists in folders called list1, list2, list3.

    That's the setup we had with cyrus and shared folders.

    Since Zimbra is not supporting cyrus-like shared folders (it only supports shared folders with GLOBAL seen/read flags, not PER USER flags), we are imitating this folder setup with per user filter rules.

    The challenge now is to find the best filter methodfor our distribution lists (which may have local-part aliases and domain-part aliases!).

    Suppose the distribution list has the name "".
    Let "shortname1" and "shortname2" be a local-part alias and "" and "" a domain-part alias.

    That means we need to create (number of local-parts) * (number of domains) * 3 header conditions in the filter entry. And that is quite uncool.
    (3 because the address may appear in To, Cc or Bcc)

    Is anyone aware of a better way of imitating cyrus shared folders?

    Why isn't there a "List-Id" header? That would at least reduce the filter rule to only one condition.

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    Why don't you teach your user to use the extensive search function in Zimbra, they might even find that it's better than putting everything in folders.


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