Using the search function has always been extremely aggravating.

We are getting to the point where the web interface is not usable because it is impossible to search for messages.

This is most evident when using wildcards.

I frequently need to search for messages from multiple hosts from the same domain.

The expected "From: @*" does not work, nor does any other permutation.

Likewise, I very often have to search for server host names in subject lines.

Again, "Subject: *" does not work, nor does any other permutation.

These are not the only examples. Unless you know *exactly* what the subject is or have an exact single work to search for, it is completely useless

What would it take to have a working search function?

And why can't we apply an action to an entire list of searched terms?

I frequently search for something, and get 5,000+ results, and need to delete or move them all at once.