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Thread: [SOLVED] How to get some detail from contact

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    Default [SOLVED] How to get some detail from contact

    I want to get phone number from contact
    when I know email account how I get it.
    I want to use command line like this

    #zmmailbox -a [] -p [password] -m [] s -t contact "in:Contact AND from:name"

    I don't know way I used in and from command than not found anything.
    But If I just used from:name ,it 's work.
    Anyway the out put not show phone number.

    Please tell me I can get this by command line,If I can't how I do for get phone number.
    Thank you for reply.

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    I got the solution.

    If I want to find number of
    - Use this command for get contact ID.

    #zmmailbox -a -p password -m s -t contact 'in:"Contacts"' | grep sws@domain

    Note: you need use '" "' if you have space in search.

    you got out put like this

    3. 2fa6c7f0-2047-4e9d-807f-c35f0322c67e:423 cont sws@domain.yourdomain à¸„à¸¸à¸“à ¸¨à¸´à¸§&# 224;¸±à¸’นà&# 185;Œ ศิà¸&# 167;ะบà¸&#1 67;ร 01/01/70 07:00

    This is contact ID --> 2fa6c7f0-2047-4e9d-807f-c35f0322c67e:423
    you need to cut only contact ID and send this to next command

    - use this command for get phone number

    #zmmailbox -a -p password -m getContacts 2fa6c7f0-2047-4e9d-807f-c35f0322c67e:423

    out put is all detail in this contact.
    you need grep command for get only line you want

    Example :
    #zmmailbox -a -p password -m getContacts 2fa6c7f0-2047-4e9d-807f-c35f0322c67e:423 | grep assistantPhone

    out put is :
    assistantPhone: 08-1803-2410

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    Excellent Thank you for posting your solution.

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