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Thread: Quietly delete old appointments

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    Default Quietly delete old appointments

    I have a user that wants to be able to purge his calendar of past due appointments. The challenge lies in the fact that if he is the meeting organizer, all invitees receive an email notifying them of the meeting cancellation. I haven't found any way to purge the meeting quietly.

    I've told him he doesn't have to purge his calendar, as the space the data takes is insignificant. However, he remains adamant about wanting to do so, as he doesn't want his calendar cluttered with prior meetings.

    1. Is there a process or setting that would allow him to purge the meeting from only his calendar without even notifying the other invitees?

    2. If not, is there a way to do this behind the scenes with a shell script?

    Thanks in advance for any feedback,

    Dave Hodgson

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    There's a wiki article on this to delete appointments via the command-line.

    Deleting appointments from command-line - Zimbra :: Wiki

    Though this speaks of deleting a specific appointment , i'm sure you can make use of the way mentioned here to make a script which can accept parameters username and date upto which to delete appointments .

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    But if he's the meeting organizer and it "disappears" from his calendar, wouldn't that cause problems on other people's calendars?

    Of course, the cynic in me wants to believe that a couple months down the road, he'll be asking what date some meeting happened on.

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    From Documentation, ( and if I get it correctly ), you will be deleting a particular item for a particular user. It will be the same way to delete any item within the user's box using the item-id and so my thinking is that it will be limited to the user. Its not a clean method, I agree , but its not supposed to be.

    To keep a track , you could take a REST dump *before* you go on a deleting spree. See here : REST update » Zimbra :: Blog .

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