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Thread: Zimbra OpenLdap Replication With Samba and Posix accounts

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    Question Zimbra OpenLdap Replication With Samba and Posix accounts

    Hello to all zimbra lover buddies,

    Guys, I am trying to Configure Zimbra Ldap Replication with Samba and Posix account setting. I have tried following wiki as well. All users and ldap entries are replicated in replica server except the Samba Domain SID and Posix accounts.

    When I try to add manually Samba Domain SID and Posix accounts, it says that "Message: dn already exists: sambaDomainName=XXXX,dc=xxx,dc=com Error code: zimblraldaputils.DN_EXISTS Method: CreateLDAPEntryRequest Details:soap:Sender". Where i cant see this in Zimbra Web GUI.

    Can Someone give me any suggestion also I am getting following error in /var/log/zimbra.log :-

    syncrepl_message_to_entry: rid 100 mods check (sambaSID: attribute type undefined)
    slapd[4381]: do_syncrepl: rid 100 retrying
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