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Thread: Restoring a 64bit backup on a 32bit machine

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    Lightbulb Restoring a 64bit backup on a 32bit machine

    Hi everyone, I have a little concern here.
    I made a backup of a 64bit zimbra using the shell script from the wiki and we're planning to have an emergency server running with that backup in case something goes wrong with the usual one.
    The problem is that our emergency server has a 32bit architecture. It's obvious I can't just unzip my backup over a new zimbra installation, everything would just break, so I need to know which files/directories I have to copy in order to get all the users and mail in the emergency server.

    I think that's all. Thanks in advance for any replies to this particularly odd question

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    You'll save yourself a lotof grief if you don't try it. If you're serious about a backup for your Zimbra server you'd get a 64bit machine for the restore server. I don't know if anyone has actually tried to restore a 64bit to a 32 bit server but you could check this documentation to see what's needed for 32bit to 64bit and work out if your requirement can be achieved.


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