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Thread: Meetings Marked as New.. Again

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    Default Meetings Marked as New.. Again

    Two users have now reported that after accepting a new meeting the meeting becomes marked as new again. This does not happen with all meetings and I cannot find a way to force it to happen, but It really does happen.

    User gets a new meeting request
    User accepts the meeting
    Meeting is marked as accepting
    <Some time passes>
    Meeting is now bold again and show up as New in the calendar. User did not get another meeting request and nothing has changed to the meeting.

    Anyone else seen anything like this or have any ideas how to debug?

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    So I am the only one thats ever seen anything like this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcesari View Post
    So I am the only one thats ever seen anything like this?
    That's difficult to say without some information on Zimbra release/version, please update your forum profile with the output of the following:

    zmcontrol -v
    Have you also searched bugzilla to see if there's any bug report for this problem or done a search of the forums to see if it's already been mentioned?


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