I’m fairly new to Zimbra, installed ZCI open source last year on my server and it runs great I love it! I mainly do web design for a living, pretty good at site layout but still fairly green at programming.

I have a question, I am building some new email “contact us ”forms for some of my web sites, and I was looking for either a stand alone or Dreamweaver “form to email” plug in php script generator, which would generate the necessary php to process and send emails from web site to site owners email address’s.

I just realized, that before I do that, I should check with you guys first – does either Zimbra offer, or are there any third party Zimbra plug ins available that have any kind of solution for this?

Either a web based email form that I can put on my sites and have them plug in directly to Zimbra? Or a script generator which would generate the necessary code to link my email and or feedback forms into Zimbra?

Thanks for any info.