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Thread: List for 1000+ recipients

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    Default List for 1000+ recipients

    Hello. I have done some searching in the forums and the wiki, but have not come up with a definitive answer for this. I have an user who needs to create a list for 1000 users or so. We want to use ZCS for this. As I see it, there are two options:
    1) Create a Distribution List in the Admin Console. Import 1000+ users. Can you import from the console and if so, what format file works best? The bulk provisioning in the manual is geared toward creating user accounts.
    2) User creates distribution list in Outlook Connector. Synches with account. Not sure how to import in ZCO for 2007 or webmail.

    What have people done successfully for lists these large? These are not for discussion lists. Rather, our user will send out announcements via this blast list. Best ways to import for a list that large? Any caveats or restrictions on the size of distribution lists in ZCO or Admin console? How about attachments? Thanks!

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    Default Cli

    CLI Example:

    Create distribution list. The ID of the distribution list is returned.
    zmprov cdl

    Add a member to a distribution list (repeat n times with diff member)
    zmprov adlm

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