Hi all.

In 5.0.14 we're supposed to have a new zmprov command that allows us to create "nicely" (single operation) a domain alias.

As we've just upgraded to 5.0.15 NE on RHEL4, I wanted to try.

The result is not working at all (I want domain.fr to be an alias of domain.com):
[zimbra@zimbra ~]$ zmprov cad domain.fr domain.com

zmprov [args] [cmd] [cmd-args ...]

  -h/--help                             display usage
  -f/--file                             use file as input stream
  -s/--server   {host}[:{port}]         server hostname and optional port
  -l/--ldap                             provision via LDAP instead of SOAP
  -L/--logpropertyfile                  log4j property file, valid only with -l
  -a/--account  {name}                  account name to auth as
  -p/--password {pass}                  password for account
  -P/--passfile {file}                  read password from file
  -z/--zadmin                           use zimbra admin name/password from localconfig for admin/password
  -y/--authtoken {authtoken}            use auth token string(has to be in JSON format) from command line
  -Y/--authtokenfile {authtoken file}   use auth token string(has to be in JSON format) from command line
  -v/--verbose                          verbose mode (dumps full exception stack trace)
  -d/--debug                            debug mode (dumps SOAP messages)

 zmprov is used for provisioning. Try:

     zmprov help account         help on account-related commands
     zmprov help calendar        help on calendar resource-related commands
     zmprov help commands        help on all commands
     zmprov help config          help on config-related commands
     zmprov help cos             help on COS-related commands
     zmprov help domain          help on domain-related commands
     zmprov help list            help on distribution list-related commands
     zmprov help misc            help on misc commands
     zmprov help mailbox         help on mailbox-related commands
     zmprov help notebook        help on notebook-related commands
     zmprov help search          help on search-related commands
     zmprov help server          help on server-related commands
     zmprov help freebusy        help on free/busy-related commands
Considering Bug 35574 – create command specifically to create an alias domain, the createAliasDomain in zmprov is supposed to be an easy way of creating the alias domain, then change zimbraDomainType then set zimbraDomainAliasTargetId.

So I tried this by hand:
[zimbra@zimbra ~]$ zmprov cd domain.fr
[zimbra@zimbra ~]$ zmprov md domain.fr zimbraDomainType alias
ERROR: service.INVALID_REQUEST (invalid request: zimbraDomainType is immutable)
Am I the only one with this issue?

Did this really got included in 5.0.14?