Hi ,
I am using zcs 5.0.13 edition. I daily take backup of individual user using script described in Per User Mailbox Backup (OE Version - Zimbra :: Wiki).
Means I create dump of user's database and tar of store dir of user daily for every user.

while restoring single user mailbox,I get back all the mails but the problem is that I am not able to delete some mails . The error which I got during deletion is -

method: ConvActionRequest
msg: system failure: inconsistent state: unread < 0 for item 2
code: service.FAILURE
detail: soap:Receiver
trace: btpool0-7:1237982971777:8e9f606bc16fd179

Body: {
ConvActionRequest: {
_jsns: "urn:zimbraMail",
action: {
id: "-259",
l: "3",
op: "trash",
tcon: "-tjs"
Header: {
context: {
_jsns: "urn:zimbra",
account: {
_content: "abc66@zimbraserver1.solutions.com",
by: "name"
authToken: "(removed)",
format: {
type: "js"
sessionId: {
_content: 12,
id: 12
userAgent: {
name: "ZimbraWebClient - FF3.0 (Linux)",
version: "5.0.13_GA_2791.RHEL5_64"

If u know any solutions, kindly let me know.
Thanks in advance.