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Thread: E-Mails with attachments not being delivered

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    Default E-Mails with attachments not being delivered

    Currently I have a mailbox that is not able to receive emails that have attachments. Zimbra.log states that the message was received and has the sent status but once you login to the mailbox there is no email. I have created a new mailbox in that domain and I'm able to receive messages with and without attachments properly in the new mailbox. Is there something that I can do to allow messages with attachments to be delivered in that mailbox?

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    Please check /opt/zimbra/log/mailboxd.log and /var/log/zimbra.log for any error messages. It would be help aswell if you were to post a extract from these logs when a attachment is received.

    Also, if you were to update your profile with the following output so we can see what version of ZCS you are running would be great aswell
    su - zimbra
    zmcontrol -v

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    Another way of looking at it would be that I'm not aware of a way to disallow attachments, so there's nothing directly for you to do to allow them.

    Other than checking the log files, it may be worth connecting the the account from another client such as thunderbird or outlook and seeing if the same behaviour is seen there. Try sending the attachment from the problem account to the problem account and see if the message in 'sent' has the attachment.

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