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Thread: SPA962 LDAP Directory Addressbook

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    Default SPA962 LDAP Directory Addressbook


    we are using Linksys SPA962 phones and since firmware 6.x there is the possibility to bind phone directory to an ldap server. i found an solution to bind it to AD but now i want to bind it to zimbra ldap.

    this is the config for AD:
    LDAP Corp Dir Name: name of directory on phone display
    LDAP Server: some domain controller
    LDAP Auth Method: Simple
    LDAP Client DN: NTdomain\username
    LDAP Username: none
    LDAP Password: domain password
    LDAP Search Base: DC=2.domain,DC=1.domain
    LDAP Last Name Filter: sn:sn=$VALUE*)
    LDAP First Name Filter: cn:cn=$VALUE*)
    LDAP Search Item 3: tlf. number shows on phone display
    LDAP Item 3 Filter: telephonenumber:telephonenumber=*$VALUE*)
    LDAP Display Attrs: a=displayName;a=mobile,n=phone,t=p;
    i attached an jpeg file where you can see the attributes. Can somebody help me to fill it out right?!

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    Default internal extension or customers phone numbers?

    Hi Martin
    i am interested in it. Have you done any progress on the issue?
    I was wondering what you had been able to download from AD ldap:
    1: address book of internal ext.
    2: external numbers (generally speed dial is used for them)
    3: either


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    Hi Martin

    Hope you got a solution in the meanwhile

    Anyway, for other users... Here is a working configuration for the SPA962 with Zimbra. It's not perfect yet (lists results twice.. and the details page is not yet clean) but it's a good start.

    Note: I do not use the Zimbra Admin LDAP user. I created a new user with minimal privileges. See field "LDAP Client DN:".

    I think i should go on an tweak the "LDAP Display Attrs:" field...

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