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Thread: mail alias not delivered

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    Unhappy mail alias not delivered

    I am stomped !!
    I have 2 aliases to my email address in Zimbra, and I can receive email externally from my email and 1 of my aliases, but when I use the second alias I cannot receive it from outside emails. I can when I send it internally.
    I looked in the logs and I see that when receiving from outside it gets this far

    Mar 26 15:46:37 zimbra-mail-server postfix/lmtp[14258]: 695CD3A23EEF: to=<xxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx>, relay=xxx.xxxxx.xxxx[]
    :7025, delay=0.1, delays=0/0/0/0.09, dsn=2.1.5, status=sent (250 2.1.5 OK)
    Mar 26 15:46:37 zimbra-mail-server postfix/qmgr[9868]: 695CD3A23EEF: removed

    But I cant see what happens after that, I am not sure were else to look and it is annoying.

    Any help ???

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    Check /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log for any error messages ?

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