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Thread: Relay Access Denied for Authenitcated Users

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    Default Relay Access Denied for Authenitcated Users

    It would seem my problems with Zimbra are increasing by the day! I had an old server that had some issues but it was old so I said forget it and called it a day. So I installed a fresh copy on a new box. I can receive mail just fine, that is not the issue, however I can not send mail to anyone outside the hosted domain. For example: domain on the server is is

    In outlook, I can create a new message and send it to just fine, no problems. But when I send to I get relay access denied. I have looked through TONS of settings in the postfix configuration file. I have made sure all Zimbra services and settings are correct, at least to my knowledge.

    I would be happy to create a test account for anyone to assist me and for certain people I would give them SSH access so they can take a peek and tell me what is wrong. On a side note, a server I setup a while ago for a friend of mine, I was curious if I could use that to send mail out of, but to no avail I got relay access denied as well. Now both servers are running BIND and are behind cisco firewalls but for now I am allowing all traffic to them. so I don't think it is a port issue. If anyone knows how to fix it or has the same problem. Please help! Thanks -Billy

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    Set up a test account and send me the details and I'll take a quick look. Does sending mail outside work for the web client?

    PS Could you also send me the detail of your mynetworks setting?


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