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Thread: Could not start postfix when starting Zimbra

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    Default Could not start postfix when starting Zimbra

    Sometimes (not immediately after stopping, and not every time) when starting up Zimbra I get this:

           Starting ldap...Done.
            Starting antispam...Done.
            Starting antivirus...Done.
            Starting logger...Done.
            Starting mailbox...Done.
            Starting mta...FAILED
    getService: sasl
    getService: webxml
    getService: perdition
    DO: /opt/zimbra/postfix/sbin/postconf -e content_filter='smtp-amavis:[]:10024'
    DO: /opt/zimbra/postfix/sbin/postconf -e myhostname=''
    DO: /opt/zimbra/postfix/sbin/postconf -e recipient_delimiter=''
    DO: /opt/zimbra/postfix/sbin/postconf -e smtpd_sasl_auth_enable='yes'
    DO: /opt/zimbra/postfix/sbin/postconf -e smtpd_tls_auth_only='yes'
    DO: /opt/zimbra/postfix/sbin/postconf -e smtpd_use_tls='yes'
    DO: /opt/zimbra/postfix/sbin/postconf -e disable_dns_lookups='no'
    DO: /opt/zimbra/postfix/sbin/postconf -e message_size_limit='10240000'
    DO: /opt/zimbra/postfix/sbin/postconf -e relayhost=''
    DO: /opt/zimbra/postfix/sbin/postconf -e smtpd_recipient_restrictions='reject_non_fqdn_recipient, permit_sasl_authenticated, permit_mynetworks, reject_invalid_hostname, reject_non_fqdn_sender, reject_unauth_destination, permit'
    DO: /opt/zimbra/postfix/sbin/postconf -e alias_maps='hash:/etc/aliases'
    DO: /opt/zimbra/postfix/sbin/postconf -e broken_sasl_auth_clients='yes'
    DO: /opt/zimbra/postfix/sbin/postconf -e command_directory='/opt/zimbra/postfix-2.2.9/sbin'
    DO: /opt/zimbra/postfix/sbin/postconf -e daemon_directory='/opt/zimbra/postfix-2.2.9/libexec'
    DO: /opt/zimbra/postfix/sbin/postconf -e header_checks='pcre:/opt/zimbra/conf/postfix_header_checks'
    DO: /opt/zimbra/postfix/sbin/postconf -e mailq_path='/opt/zimbra/postfix-2.2.9/sbin/mailq'
    DO: /opt/zimbra/postfix/sbin/postconf -e manpage_directory='/opt/zimbra/postfix-2.2.9/man'
    DO: /opt/zimbra/postfix/sbin/postconf -e newaliases_path='/opt/zimbra/postfix-2.2.9/sbin/newaliases'
    DO: /opt/zimbra/postfix/sbin/postconf -e queue_directory='/opt/zimbra/postfix-2.2.9/spool'
    DO: /opt/zimbra/postfix/sbin/postconf -e sender_canonical_maps='ldap:/opt/zimbra/conf/'
    DO: /opt/zimbra/postfix/sbin/postconf -e sendmail_path='/opt/zimbra/postfix-2.2.9/sbin/sendmail'
    DO: /opt/zimbra/postfix/sbin/postconf -e smtpd_client_restrictions='reject_unauth_pipelining'
    DO: /opt/zimbra/postfix/sbin/postconf -e smtpd_data_restrictions='reject_unauth_pipelining'
    DO: /opt/zimbra/postfix/sbin/postconf -e smtpd_helo_required='yes'
    DO: /opt/zimbra/postfix/sbin/postconf -e smtpd_tls_cert_file='/opt/zimbra/conf/smtpd.crt'
    DO: /opt/zimbra/postfix/sbin/postconf -e smtpd_tls_key_file='/opt/zimbra/conf/smtpd.key'
    DO: /opt/zimbra/postfix/sbin/postconf -e smtpd_tls_loglevel='3'
    DO: /opt/zimbra/postfix/sbin/postconf -e transport_maps='ldap:/opt/zimbra/conf/'
    DO: /opt/zimbra/postfix/sbin/postconf -e version='2.2.9'
    DO: /opt/zimbra/postfix/sbin/postconf -e virtual_alias_domains='ldap://opt/zimbra/conf/'
    DO: /opt/zimbra/postfix/sbin/postconf -e virtual_alias_maps='ldap:/opt/zimbra/conf/'
    DO: /opt/zimbra/postfix/sbin/postconf -e virtual_mailbox_domains='ldap:/opt/zimbra/conf/'
    DO: /opt/zimbra/postfix/sbin/postconf -e virtual_mailbox_maps='ldap:/opt/zimbra/conf/'
    DO: /opt/zimbra/postfix/sbin/postconf -e virtual_transport='error'
    postfix failed to start
            Starting snmp...Done.
            Starting spell...Done.
    As I still have another problem with LMTP delivery on this machine, I was optimistically hoping this would be related?

    If I try to run zmcontrol stop and then zmcontrol start I usually get zimbra to start properly.
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    Are you always running as the zimbra user?
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    Yes, I always run zmcontrol as the zimbra user. And it is very difficult to see any patterns in when this is happening or not. Lately I have been restarting zimbra a lot to check various things related to the problem I have with lmtp delivery.

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    I had the same problem and found that the redo.log is getting re-owned by root for some reason. try doing "chown zimbra.zimbra /opt/zimbra/redolog/redo.log" as root next time.

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    Thanks for letting me know, I haven't had this problem lately, but I will keep this in mind anyway!

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