Hi folks!
This is my first thread about zimbra.
My situation: I created Samba + OpenLDAP domain - everything works! Log in domain works, can change password from windows and all the usual NT4 domain features works. Than there is one more samba file server, that authorizes to this External LDAP! Everything's cool, but! My pain is Zimbra server (on DMZ port) that authorizes internally. Right now i would like to change this Zimbra authorization to this External LDAP and there is an option to configure it in admin console, so no problem, but... will Zimbra work on selected domain using External LDAP and internal authorization at the same time? I ask this thing because i have to migrate ~50 users from local authorization to domain and it is going to take more than a couple of hours, but people need their e-mail an stuff. Maybe I'm thinking wrong and someone has other ideas how to manage this trick?
Sorry for my poor English!
P.S.Zimbra Version 5.0.11_GA_2695.SLES10_64.FOSS Nov 17, 2008