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Thread: Server Failure Error

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    Default Server Failure Error

    Has anyone seen this before?

    -----Original Message-----
    From: XXXX
    Sent: None
    To: XXXX
    Subject: Server Failure Notice
    Importance: High

    Server Failures were detected. No action is required.
    This e-mail was generated for technical support purposes.
    Please see the attached files for more details about the problems

    Computer Name: XXXX

    Version: 5.0.2767.10

    Parent Folder EID: 0000000052d200ee13007c4ea43c57085615d1f862810000

    Parent Folder Name: Calendar

    Parent Folder ID: 10

    Target Object EID: 0000000052d2d0e213007c4ea4325ef085615d1f8e45f2300

    Store: Zimbra - XXXX

    It seems to only happen with meetings and not appointments.
    vīdī, vīcī, vēnī

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    Quote Originally Posted by highpointe View Post
    Has anyone seen this before?
    Yes. If you search the forums for the words 'Server Failures detected' you'll find plenty of information about those messages.


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