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    i am trying to migrate Exchange 2003 accounts to our new zimbra server running on RHEL4. I am doing this with the ZCS Migration Wizard for Exchange from a pc running xp. I have outlook 2003 set up with an admins account, and am using that profile in the migration wizard.

    I am able to get to step 6 without much trouble, but when its time to define the users to be migrated i get errors.

    When selecting the Object Picker i get the error "The program cannot open the required dialog box because no locations can be found."

    When selecting Query Builder the Browse button doesnt respond and trying to create a filter gives me this error "The directory service is currently unavailable."

    I do IT for a 50 person company, and we are seriously concidering the switch to zimbra. I am stuck without support for now. Any help is much appreciated.
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