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Thread: send a entry from contacts via email as vcf

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    Default send a entry from contacts via email as vcf

    hello everybody,

    i asked a while ago already on the ircchat, but didn't find a solution. so i ask here.

    my user's want to forward contact-etries from contacts via email as vcf attachment. does there exist a solution or a zimlet?


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    Be sure to vote for: RFE 6045 - allow attachment of contacts to messages

    Until RFE 20742 - export vcard vcf of contact from web client is finished some alternatives if your curious how / they are semi-technical (not as user friendly - someone should make this a Zimlet):

    Move it to its own address book, then in another browser window to go:

    Or if you want to download a bunch:

    Alternatively if you know the contact's id # (found in SOAP responses by using whatever tool like firebug or appending ?dev=1):

    (other search queries/item types etc)

    Then send it as an attachment to an email...


    You can construct the url in a variety of ways ie:

    -'user' & 'home', as well as 'service' & 'zimbra' are mostly interchangeable/often not needed
    -You can also replace accountnames with ~ for simplicity.

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    Hello mmorse,

    thanks for your quick reply. its a pretty old bug/feature request (over 3years for now).

    what are the number of votes for a rfe's which get a solution? higher as listed in

    what means slotted (future)?
    that this rfe will get fullfilled, in any version in the future? (which whould be after version 6.5 , where 6.0 comes in summer 2009).


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