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Thread: Better external user support for Briefcase

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    Default Better external user support for Briefcase

    About 6 months ago I filed a bug in relation to the external user interface for shared Briefcases. The browsing method is horrid. It constantly opens new windows to browse subdirectories within the folder instead of maintaining one smooth interface. I believe this is a great feature to have for people using Zimbra in the office that wish to easily share files with customers without having to make things too complicated, but the actual interface for it is absolutely disgusting and really needs a lot of work to make it a little better. Maybe an ajax external user interface for the shared Briefcase instead of whatever it is using?

    The bug was confirmed but I don't think it was ever assigned. I have been installing Zimbra update after update hoping this would be fixed. Are there any developers out there that have noticed this problem and if so can you please fix it?

    Love Zimbra but the little things like this drive me up the wall.

    Thank you,

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    When commenting on an entry in bugzilla it would help if you gave a link to the bug you've filed so others can see it and comment on it.


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