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Thread: [SOLVED] Announcement Mailing List?

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    Default [SOLVED] Announcement Mailing List?

    I can't seem to find out of there's a mailing list for getting announcements of new releases of the NE... is there one? How do I get on it?

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    Good ways to stay on top of Zimbra info/releases/news/severe bug alerts/critical security issues:
    • Blog > subscribe by email or rss.
    • Newsletter/Alerts email signup.
    • Forums > Announcements Section > Forum Tools (drop-down on right) > Subscribe to this forum > Daily or weekly updates by email.
    • Forums > Announcements Section > rss link.
    • Forums > UserCP > Forum messaging & notification options > Receive Email Notices from Administrators.
    • Support Portal accounts available for Network Edition admins - occasional bug alerts by email (& an rss feed which needs fixing...)
    • ZCS Admin console > Software Updates > 'send notification email to' field.
    • PMweb (roadmap)
    • ZCS/ZD new mail folder > subscribe to feed > pick from above.
    Sorry, we don't yet call you, bulk snail mail, or personally show up on your doorstep at this time but your welcome to show your interest.
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    Perfect, thanks!

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