Hey Everyone,

I have zimbra installed, and I'm working on getting it setup proper. My question comes from the use of domains, and the proper way to implement it.

Here's our setup.

1.) Mail comes and goes to our mail relays
2.) Our relays contain an alias for all users, that send it to our spam hardware

user: user@spamHardware.X.example.com

3.) Our spam hardware does it's thing, and forwards all mail to our linux email server.


So my questions come in as this.

If our domain is example.com and we want all email to go out and come in as that, what do I do?

Our email comes into the server with an alias of sorts, as user@email.X.example.com. Do I need 2 domains and setup aliases for everyone so they can be user@example.com but have email come in as user@email.X.example.com?

Thanks for any insight.