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Thread: bind ltmp to local adress only?

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    Default bind ltmp to local adress only?

    zimbra has its lmtp-services listening on port 7025 on all network-adresses. I would like to bind it to localhost and a certain local IP, cause I dont like the idea that anyone can deliver a mail from outside to my zimbra-accounts without authentication needed.
    (I assume that local delivery is done via sockets or localhost, so zimbra itself will not need lmtp listening on its public IP)

    If its not possible I can always use some firewall to protect the open lmtp-port but I'd rather like to bind services then to add filterrules


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    this is what you looking for then the solutions and problems are explained.

    * i belive best way to do it is on the firewall as changing zimbra stuff may not propagate when you do upgardes and its has other things mentioned in the above post

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