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Thread: Resource Calendar Question

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    Default Resource Calendar Question

    1. A resource calendar is set to "automatically accept appointments unless busy"

    2. The system administrator enters a meeting date and time directly in the resource calendar.

    3. A user then attempts to post a meeting to the resource calendar for the same day and time.

    4. The resource calendar emails the user, and says in effect, "Sorry, already booked."


    1. The rejected meeting still appears in the resource calendar along with the initially accepted meeting.

    2. The rejected meeting appears in the user's default calendar ("Calendar")

    Is this a recognized bug?

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    No, This would be expected behaviour.
    1. Declined meeting will still show in calendar but not contribute to free/busy becaus this make it easier for manual modificate by an administrator. i.e. an resource administrator can decliend the original meeting and accept this one or even accept both meetings in some cases.
    2. A decline by attendee does not cancel meeting. the organizer need to cancel the meeting or in the normal case remove the resource and add another available resoruce. As the resource is removed from the organizer's meeting, the meeting will then be caneclled from resource (no longer show up in 1).

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