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Thread: Domain creation error

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    Default Domain creation error


    i have restored zimbra from my backup and now i have seen, that one domain is missing.

    So i tried to add this domain again in zimbra admin gui, but i get the error:

    Es ist bereits eine Domain mit dem angegebenen Namen vorhanden.
    Mail: domain already exists: domainname Fehlercode: account.DOMAIN_EXISTS Method: CreateDomainRequest Details:soap:Sender

    Then i tried it with zmprov, but the domain is not listed and could not be created.

    Is there some solution to get this domain added back or how can I delete the "rest" of this domain, so that i can add it again?

    Or is there a way to rebuild ldap database, or index the database, without loosing accounts and mails?

    THX, mic-ster
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