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Thread: Spreadsheet only works in IE!

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    Default Spreadsheet only works in IE!

    I recently reported a bug in the Documents section of Zimbra:
    Bug 36961 – Better spreadsheet editing.

    Hopefully I am missing something here and someone can tell me how to fix this as I have looked everywhere and found nothing to help.

    In IE the spreadsheet works great. If I didn't know any better I would think that I were using a mini Excel within the "Sheet." You are able to use arrow keys to move to different cells. You can just start typing and the data will input into the cell. Like I said, using the spreadsheet in IE works fine.

    Unfortunately IE is the ONLY browser that properly uses the spreadsheet. All other browsers (So far I have tried Firefox (and other Mozilla alternatives), Chrome, and Safari in Linux, Windows, OSX, and Nexenta (Opensolaris). In any other browser other than IE you must double click on a cell to edit. You must click on the cell to choose it. You can not use the arrow keys to move around the spreadsheet. It is a horrible experience.

    To top it off this bug is also in ZDesktop. Editing the spreadsheet is horrid because you have to also double click on cells within the spreadsheet in order to edit them. You also can not use the arrow keys. I was told that ZDesktop was mozilla based, so I suppose it is nothing more than an offline browser.

    If anybody has had experience with this or knows how to correct this... Our company's goal was to eliminate as many external applications as possible. We also wanted to remove the exchange server and replace all the workstatins with low powered pico-atx based systems running an open OS (most likely Linux [Debian]). I know bugs take quite a while to get around to but this is really stopping the train.

    Thank you.

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    Default Very basic.

    If you search bugzilla you will find other document issues. Spreadsheet formatting comes to mind. I wouldn't suggest using Zimbra's current iteration of "Documents" for any but the most basic of uses.

    I've tried FF and spreadsheets and your issue is just that... an issue. It doesn't work the way you want it to. The best you can "hope" for is that they address your bug.

    Rumor has it that version 6 will have some improvments. I wouldn't look for much in the way of bug resolutions until then.

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    Default IE Only though?

    You are right I suppose all I can do is just wait and hope this is fixed. I just thought it odd that the spreadsheet works perfectly in IE (A Microsoft Product) instead of the open browsers. You would think, considering Zimbra's main competition is Microsoft Exchange, that they would work harder to make sure that things like this work in Mozilla based browsers (or possibly Webkit browsers) before IE.

    For me the final hurdle for recommending migration is the spreadsheet. I think it is absolutely possible to replace all Microsoft applications and Operating Systems with a solid Zimbra server and small Linux desktops with a 100% Zimbra compatible web browser. The other features of Zimbra have minor bugs but nothing that ruins functionality. This bug with the spreadsheet completely cripples its use. Hopefully there is more work being done to make it a little more compatible with open source web browsers.

    On another note... it would also be nice if it didn't have all that free space too and grew downwards as needed. I don't think they have many developers working on the Documents section of Zimbra to tell you the truth.

    Thanks for the reply.

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