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Thread: Master Incoming/Outgoing Archive

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    Default Master Incoming/Outgoing Archive

    I want to have a single mailbox that will archive a copy of every incoming as well as outgoing email message. That way I can have an archive no matter if the user delete's their copy.

    I am runnning version:
    Release 5.0.13_GA_2791.RHEL5_64_20090206112057 RHEL5_64 NETWORK edition


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    Note these first two options (forwards/BCC) can bounce and reveal themselves if the account being forwarded to is unavailable/down/closed (maintenance mode queue's mail at MTA, while locked/lockout still delivers mail).

    always_bcc > all users in/out

    recipient_bcc_maps & sender_bcc_maps > per user in/out

    legal intercept > web-client per user in/out via new envelope
    -Can be used to catch 'drafts'.
    -SMTP sends are not included, it's intended for web-client monitoring only.
    -Will eventually be extended to chats: Bug 21761 - Legal intercept support: IM
    -Legal Intercept - Zimbra :: Wiki

    ZAD (Zimbra Archiving & Discovery w/ Cross Mailbox Search) > covers all SMTP & web-client in/out via envelope expansion, with other features planned.
    -Add-on that forks mail to archive accounts.
    -Archives can exist on your server or an external system - though you don't benefit from single instance storage/x-mailbox search if using external or non-zimbra server.
    -Upcoming: Bug 12697 - Other collaboration data (IM, Docs, Calendars) need to be archived
    -Zimbra Archiving and Discovery Whitepaper.pdf
    -Zimbra Archiving and Discovery Release Notes.pdf

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