The network engineer installed the OS (RHAS5) for me. He made it so that logswatch sends me an email report on a daily basis. This works just fine before I installed Zimbra (and still working.) After I loaded Zimbra, I receive a report like this:

Stopping logswatch...logswatch is not running.
Starting logswatch...done.
Stopping swatch...done.
Starting swatch...done.
Stopping zmmtaconfig...done.
Starting zmmtaconfig...done.

I did ask the Network Engineer to revert the change he made to but Zimbra still reports logswatch is not running. Basically, he just re-established the symbolic link to the /usr/share/logwatch/scripts/logwatch.pl. How can I fix it so that Zimbra will tell me that logswatch is running just fine?
Sorry for a long explanation,
Thanks in advance,