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Thread: Calendar notification errors

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    Default Calendar notification errors

    I've got a couple users getting errors when the calendar tries to give them notification of an upcoming event. They get a "Local Failure Notice" email sent to them. Here's the text from one of the mails:

    Local Failures were detected.  No action is required.
    This e-mail was generated for technical support purposes.
    Sync Type: Delta Sync
    Store: Zimbra - user name
    Computer Name: CS-17
    Version: 5.0.2891.12
    Error ID:
    Error Code: -2147467259
    Error Message: Unspecified error

    For one of the users, I've tried reinstalling her ZCO and recreating the local mail account. (I get Zimbra profile creation errors when I delete her local mail profile and reinstall ZCO.) But no effect on this issue.

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    Anyone have any thoughts?

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