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Thread: separate /opt/zimbra/store in different directory?

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    Default separate /opt/zimbra/store in different directory?

    Dear All,

    question 1:
    Can anyone advise whether it's a good idea or not to separate /opt/zimbra/store/ to an external storage ? (and keep the rest of /opt/zimbra/ in local hard drive)

    question 2:
    following the plan above, if something goes wrong in external storage? what will happen? will zimbra stop function ?

    any advice on these? thanks.

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    To go in reverse order, yes, if Zimbra cannot access the mail store, then it will fail, users will not be able to view mail if the server cannot find it, and the server would not be able to deliver mail if there's nowhere for it to go.

    As to is it a good idea, that all depends on the environment and the hardware. If your zimbra server is running on good powerful hardware with lots of ram and processor speed, but a really slow hard drive system then it may make sense to boot and execute from those slow drives and have the mailstore on an iscsi target, but it's an unlikely situation.

    It would also make sense if you are running a clustered arrangement, but for a single server installation I would suggest keeping everything in the same place and moving the backups off the server each night onto a tape or another server.

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    Thank for your info.

    and this reminds me another question :

    again, if we plan to deploy zcs as i said :
    /opt/zimbra/store/ : external storage
    the rest of whole /opt/zimbra : local hard drive

    and we arrange the real-time backup for /opt/zimbra/store/ (maybe mirroring backup) , but only daily backup for /opt/zimbra/ (except /opt/zimbra/store )

    and today, if the local hard drive crashs. so you know that, we have real-time /opt/zimbra/store/ , however, we only have /opt/zimbra/ backup from last night.

    is it possible to rebuild everything back ??

    any advice ? thanks.

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