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Thread: User is showing two personal calendars

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    Default User is showing two personal calendars

    What I'm trying to say is that the user claims that when they click on the calendar tab in the web client they indicate seeing entries for "calendar". This has occurred with two users on our system so far. I have gone in and checked the users file structure but only show one listing for "calendar".

    Viewing users email shows only one calendar entry. But user has witnesses that have reported the duplicate "calendar".

    I have checked bugzilla but I saw no mention of this problem and a search of the forums came up with nada.

    Has anyone seen this problem before and/or if their is a bug reported for this in bugzilla could someone let me know its number, please.

    Thank you.

    edit: verified these are phantom "calendars" User deleted a shared calendar that was appearing twice and removed the share altogether. Let her know that just logging out and logging back in would cause the phantoms to disappear.
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    Funny you should mention this issue; I saw that happen on my own account yesterday.

    I chalked it up to me putting my laptop into suspend while Firefox was still logged in to Zimbra. After coming back to the office and opening the laptop lid, each time I opened a new Firefox tab and navigated to the Calendar I got another "duplicate" personal calendar listing on the left, and all of my appointments were "duplicated" as well.

    I logged in from a different workstation and saw no "duplicates".

    So, on my laptop, I logged out of Zimbra, closed Firefox, opened Firefox and cleared the cache and cookies, and the problem went away.

    Running SuSE-provided Firefox 3.0.8 on OpenSUSE 11.1 if that helps.

    If anyone else sees this, I'll try to reproduce again and file a bug report.

    All the best,

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    Default not sure if this is related, but...

    Suddenly I see two "calendar" and two "email reminder" calendars from my iphone. Another user, using a BB with the BES server and ZCB, reports having two calendars, but not with completely duped appointments, but rather some things that are not current/correct.

    I'll investigate some more, but something fishy is going on...

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