I am not new to Zimbra, I was an early beta tester and things have changed quite a bit since I have upgraded to a newer OSS version.

The problem I am having is that we've flattened our namespace quite a bit so
we have internal mx servers that are in corp and I run the engineering side.

So, here's an example:

I initially created a domain on the new Zimbra server called tiger.engr.sgi.com.

All mail works fine as the top level mx records will point to that server so if someone sends an email to user@sgi.com it will forward down to the relay.engr.sgi.com server and then on to tiger.engr.sgi.com.

The problem here is that because the envelope shows the initial send-to address as username@sgi.com the vacation or "out of office" reply does not work because it sees the username@sgi.com address and not the correct domain (tiger.engr.sgi.com) that it was relayed to.

I've tried creating a new domain and even used forwarding but it created a mess so I reverted back for now due to Zimbra being so confused it caused a huge problem with too many loops and bounces.

Has anyone here had any experience with working multiple relays and a somewhat flat namespace but not entirely a flat namespace?

Thanks for any help!

-- Trev