Hi all,

I recently introduced one of my users to the joys of the conversation view - something I have grown to quite adore. She was so excited. But... It turned out that she does something that I never do. She prints. Mere hours after I showed her how to look at conversations, she called me with a problem. Soo... After a few hours of experimentation with my own accounts, I was forced to agree with her. Printing conversations (on my setup) simply does not work as it seems it would be expected to work.

When we select a conversation, right click and then select "Print" from the context menu, the page that pops up along with the printing dialog does not contain all of the messages in the conversation. The count at the top of the message reflects the correct number of messages, but the body of the (wonderfully formatted!) page only contains received messages from the conversation - and not always all of those. My most recent conversation has 4 messages displayed when exploded in conversation view. The top of the print page says "4 message" but only one message is on the page to print - the most recently received message in the conversation. Neither the original received message nor my 2 replies show up. This kind of behavior is consistent in all of the conversations I've tried to print.

I installed from zcs-5.0.12_GA_2789.UBUNTU8.20090126112326.tgz on a clean, minimal installation of Ubuntu 8.04 LTS. The message store was originally populated with imapsync from a postifx/mysql/cyrus box that had been in service for about six years. I've confirmed that the problem occurs on conversations from both old, imported mail and mail that has been received solely with Zimbra.

I searched the forums and found nothing that seemed to indicate that anyone else was having this problem. The documentation seems to indicate that I'm doing nothing wrong. Is this normal, intended behavior? Is it just me? If so, does anyone have any suggestions on how I might fix this?

This issue has also caused me to discover that some conversations are not actually conversations. I'm looking at one right now that consists of 12 messages from 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2009, 10 of which were sent by myself. In this case, they all share the same subject line, but I assumed that the conversation threading was done on message id, not subject. Am I wrong?