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Thread: Allow foreign domain aliasses

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    Default Allow foreign domain aliasses

    Currently the alias feature only allows you to specify local accounts as the receiver. Ideally you should be able to specify a foreign domain so that zimbra simply forwards mail received for the alias but does no other handling.

    A single member distribution list solves this problem, but it's more management than is necessary for a fairly simple task.
    Mark Hawkins


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    I use an account with forwarding and a life time for email = 0 days. Might not be the beest solution but works for me!


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    I've used the distribution list method myself. Seeing that Zimbra aliases are far more then just an forwarder (you can login in with them, use them as persona's etc, they are USER alias, not an email alias) I understand why it works this way, they would have to develop a whole new animal to handle external aliases.

    PS: my favorite use of zimbra aliases so far has been applying 2 authentication methods to a single domain, by having to actual domains, with one masquarading as the other and aliases. Works like a charm.

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