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Thread: [SOLVED] large /opt/zimbra tree - what is safe to cleanup

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    Default [SOLVED] large /opt/zimbra tree - what is safe to cleanup

    zimbra version: 5.0.13
    173G /opt/zimbra
    558M /opt/zimbra/logger
    598M /opt/zimbra/log
    43G /opt/zimbra/store

    looks like my zimbra installation is running out of disk space. We have done several in place upgrades in the past, and need help trying to figure out what is really necessary, and what can easily go. For instance, are ALL of the following versioned items needed or can some of these be scrubbed?

    79M ./amavisd-new-2.4.3
    55M ./amavisd-new-2.5.2
    1.3M ./amavisd-new-2.5.4
    9.1M ./clamav-0.88.5
    9.9M ./clamav-0.88.7
    26M ./clamav-0.90.2
    36M ./clamav-0.91.2
    45M ./clamav-0.92
    14M ./clamav-0.92.1
    41M ./clamav-0.94.1

    13M ./jdk1.5.0_08
    13M ./jdk1.5.0_15
    119M ./jdk1.5.0_17
    14M ./jdk1.6.0_02
    14M ./jdk1.6.0_04

    29M ./postfix-2.2.9
    29M ./postfix-
    29M ./postfix-
    29M ./postfix-
    22M ./postfix-

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    You can remove all but the most recent versions of the Directories you've listed. There is, however, not going to be much additional space freed by those directories deletes when you show '173G /opt/zimbra' as being the total size. Have a look further and see where the space is being consumed. It should go without saying that you should backup your /opt/zimbra directory structure before deleting anything from it.


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    Thanks for that. It was my assumption, but I would rather not take guesses that are not well informed. I've located the source of bloat. At some point in time a few full backups were moved around within the opt/zimbra directory (presumeably before an upgrade). After ensuring that a mroe recent full backup was on hand, I happily moved the displaced backup directories off. Happily report I was able to reduce our disk consumption by 100g.

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