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Thread: restore mail box from backup

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    Default restore mail box from backup

    Hi Guys, How I can restores the user mailboxes from zimbra back to new install zimbra server. Any help on this much appreciated. Thanks Amit

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    You don't say how you did the backup nor which script you used, you really must give some information so people will be able to advise you.

    What exactly have you done and what are you trying to achieve?


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    Default restore /backup/zimbra/stores message to /opt/stores

    Hi Bill, Sorry for late reply, I have corn jobs which stop the zimbra server then copy the /opt/zimbra directory to /backup/zimbra/. I had zcs-5.0.8 running on 6.06 ubuntu then I upgrade ubuntu to 8.04 without any problem. Last week I had some issues with mail server I had to reinstall, I have tried to restore from that backup without any success because 5.0.8 is not available for ubuntu 8.04. Then I decided to install zcs-5.0.14, now I have some messages in my backup which I would like to restore for users.
    Any suggestion, will be much much appreciated. Thanks Amit

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