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Thread: Zimbra CE - Outlook IMAP duplicate Folders Name ??

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    Exclamation Zimbra CE - Outlook IMAP duplicate Folders Name ??

    Hi all and thanks for developing a so exiting mail community;

    we are a little ISP provider and we are considering to migrate our old mailservers to Zimbra CE (opensource edition).

    We have already performed some transfer test with imapsync and everything gone great, but there is a little problem with Outlook Express/Outlook and similar clients.

    Our customers are all Italians, and so they have their account in Italian language, so do I, and i'm testing an imap connection on an imported account from old server to Zimbra:

    With Mozilla Thunderbird everything is good because it "rename" or "label" english name with counterpart in italian

    Sent became "Posta Inviata"
    Junk became "Indesiderata"
    Drafts became "Bozze"
    Trash became "Cestino"

    This is great... but in Outlook ?? No.

    When I connect to the same account in IMAP mode duplicate mailbox are created, so I find in my tree ....

    Posta in arrivo (is INBOX)
    Posta inviata (is Sent)
    Bozze (is Drafts)
    Drafts (is itself in english)
    Junk (is itself in english)
    Sent (is itself in english)
    Trash (is itself in english)

    Look on snapshot:

    How can I do something to solve this problem? I cannot pretend my customers do it on its own and i really need to migrate to Zimbra as fast as I can. Thanks again all for support!!

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    nobody got any idea?

    There is no config file where i can specify special folders name in zimbra?
    Squirrelmail is inferior ad got this... it is strange Zimbra doesn't have one.

    Something like:


    Zimbra_Sent_MailboxName: "Sent"
    Zimbra_Drafts_MailboxName: "Drafts"

    to change in

    Zimbra_Sent_MailboxName: "Posta Inviata"
    Zimbra_Drafts_MailboxName: "Bozze"

    does this exists or not? There is no way to solve this?

    Thx all.

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    Default Same problem here, have you got a solution?

    Hi, I've had the same problem with OL 2003 and 2007, italian version. Seems that "Posta indesiderata" (Junk) that is subscribed is different from "Posta indesiderata" that is automatically created by OL through IMAP.
    For the "Posta eliminata" or whatever I've just subscribed "Trash" folder and told the user that is the correct folder to use, sigh.
    For "Posta indesiderata" I've subscribed to Junk folder, but still the OL "Posta indesiderata" is created and can't be unsubscribed, so at the end I've 2 "Posta indesiderata", one managed by Zimbra and OL, the other only by OL.

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