Is there information on the output generated by the zmmboxsearch? I'm writing a quick script to search for user's replies to phish attempts.

A sample output:

0) <m f="s2x" id="0a900c1c-69b0-463c-a7dd-ca5daebcb2d6:55807" d="1239710559000" rev="174621" s="1505" cm="1" score="0.9437227249145508" l="5" sf="1239710559000" cid="-55807"><e d="FirstName" t="f" a="" p="FirstName LastName"/><su>Re: Email Subject</su><fr>First couple of lines of replied text but not all of it ...</fr><hp part="1"/></m>

Some of the fields are understandable but not all... Also, are the first few fields the same?