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Thread: mistake setting or virus ?

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    Red face mistake setting or virus ?

    one of the user use webmail zimbra , but there are some odd matters that happened at receiver :

    1. consignor name change
    2. cheque in preference->account>primary account setting have loaded by xself. ( see attachment)

    the address is account valid is while the we encircle is loaded address by xself automaticly.

    step which have been done :
    1. user try to remove the loaded address by xself the and try to send email again, but the name of consignor is fixed change. in re- check at account setting have re-loaded address initialy.
    2. check browser regarding the virus infection conflicker via web to address following :
    University of Bonn: Conficker Online Infection Indicator

    result : clean /not infection

    3. we check at admin console -> queue ( sending many email to unknown address )

    question arise :

    1. are there mistake setting at webmail user
    2. is the mentioned because virus ?
    3. step what do we had to do so that the case can overcome

    before all we thank you for support
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