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Thread: accidently deleted mails - "hidden" area

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    Default accidently deleted mails - "hidden" area


    I searched in the forum but didn't found: Does it exists a "hidden" area (limited for several days) if a user accidently deleted an e-mail from trash folder and like to get it back?

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    1) No such thing, thats what the trash folder is for
    2) Backups

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    I sent in this RFE awhile ago:
    Bug 30582 – RFE: Recover Deleted Items ability for users Recover deleted items is available with Outlook/Exchange and I know it is a very helpful feature for those users.

    I agree that's what the trash folder is for, and what backups are for...but users do on occasion empty their trash "accidentally" and need the email they just deleted. Sure, we can restore from backup, but it would be very helpful to have users that can "help themselves" and be able to recover something that was "hard deleted" within the past "x" amount of days. I think this becomes more important as requests to auto-empty trash at logout(Bug 30262 – Preference setting to empty trash folder on logout of web client) and the ability to empty entire folders. But that's just my 2 cents. Feel free to vote for 30582 if you would like to see the feature.

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