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Thread: Provision Zimbra Accounts through LDAP

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    Default Provision Zimbra Accounts through LDAP

    I've searched all over this board and have found a few questions close, but none quite like mine. I may already know the answer, but I want to ask anyway

    I have a bunch of users in a Novell eDir and we are looking at Zimbra as an alternative to Exchange. I've figured out how to do external auth, but that still leaves me to create an account in Zimbra. Just looking in the openLDAP directory it appears that I can provision a user via my Novell Identity Manager, except for one attr. The zimbraID attribute appears to be a hashed value. I'm curious how that value is arrived at. I looked at two users that have very different values. Also, my theory doesn't account for the data in the SQL DB. I was trying to stay away from ZMProv only because it is a script and I think it could be more dynamic via Identity Manager.

    Am I dreaming of the impossible?

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    The 3 supported ways to create an account are:

    - zmprov
    - Admin UI
    - SOAP API

    Anything else may lead to problems. It may be true that today it just takes an LDAP entry to get things going but it's very likely in the future we could add other steps that will break this assumption. If you want some that is maintainable and won't break on upgrades pick one of the options above. It should be trivial to dump the LDIF from your tool and generate an input file for zmprov. Seems this would be the easiest way forward for your case.
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    Question Further info On using allowable APIs

    Okay I totally understand what is being said here... BUT

    Heres some background:
    Human Resources has all Account information stored in a MySQL Database.
    Authentication Using Windows 2k AD with a Domain
    OLD Mail server was using linux accounts.
    OLD Mail server failing... Bought new server-- Installed Zimbra
    Created user accounts on new Zimbra server by exporting info from HR MySQL Database and used zmprov ca to create accounts.
    Exported old mail to new server using IMAPSYNC

    I am now developing a php baised tool to make sure all account info matches.
    (example: person leaves company, hr info shows this. Rather than being notified of all the gory details, HR auto generates a notice to us that Account Maintenance needs to be done. PHP binds to the 2 servers and to my SQL Server to show that AD Account and Zimbra Account need to be disabled pending 30 final "cooling off period" after witch they need to be purged)

    This Tool also helps catch "crackfallers" people whose accounts never got created, or who got married and their names got changed in hr but not updated in AD or Zimbra, etc.

    Right now the tool is just a notifier... gets info, mashes it up, and spits it out.
    I want to make it more of an account creation/password reseting tool.

    This way I can set up a webpage that the HR person can login to. Type in the last name of the new/departing employee. Then click on an Icon that says "create account" or "reset password" or "mark for purge" or "purge".
    These options would use php to bind to ldap or whatever and do the dirty work: creating/reseting/diabling/deleting the account on both AD and Zimbra.

    Here is the question:
    What is the easiest (or is there even) a way to take the info that I am pulling from mySQL and using php Initiate the call to zmprov/SOAP API to do the task?

    Any thoughts?


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