Hi there,

I've poked through the Multi-Site Installation guide and some notes I found in the Wiki as well as some release notes about setting LDAP replication up. I've tried a couple times to get it running and not been able. Each time I try, I have a working multisite setup, with a master LDAP host, and mail routing working and the address books displaying names/addresses properly, mail routes from mailboxes on one server to users on another, so all in all, everything is function _until_ I try LDAP replication.

I think something important to note, just from reading other posts, is I do _not_ have my MX and A records setup officially. I _am_ running named on each server to do caching and I have setup the zones for my domain and that stuff all works fine, I just haven't transferred authority for my domain over to my nameservers, as our mail is currently outsourced and I'm migrating it in-house. All name resolution in-house on systems involved is pointing to my inhouse-DNS servers, so it should seem to Zimbra and any services involved that my nameservers are _THEBOSSOF_ my domain...ie-they aren't talking to any DNS servers out on the interweeb.

(as an aside, is it objectionable to be running named on your zimbra servers for caching and resolution? the DNS load is currently distributed across three zimbra/dns servers)

I noticed in rsharpe's post from a few days ago (http://www.zimbra.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2784)
that KevinH mentioned there may be a a fix in a 3.1.1 patch release coming soon...and today I notice 3.1.1_GA_394...it this the magic I've been hoping for??

Anyway, I did a pretty poor job of keeping my errors logged, and now that I've stoped LDAP replication and resetup the hurt...but what did happen was Zimbra-store would error like mad, postfix spitting out a ton of messages about things not working, like pages and pages of it, so I'd edit the ldap_url and put different concoctions in there of my main and backup servers, trying just the main one, or just the localhost one, or localhost first and main second, little success. I did notice initially in my [b]zmlocalconfig[b] output, that the second server defined in ldap_url has the port number stapled on the end, but it was the only one...like
ldap_url="ldap://backup.example.com ldap://main.example.com:389"
which seemed wierd.

So with some tinkering of ldap_url I did get all the services to finally startup again without err...but when I went into admin console and clicked on the second server, got

Message: Csfe service error
Error code: service.PROXY_ERROR
Method: ZmCsfeCommand.invoke
Details:error while proxying request to target server (url=https://hr2.kinglandford.com:7071/service/admin/soap/): Connection refused

Any ideas on this? I realize I haven't got the necessary details here for someone to really diagnose this, but I hope to open up some dialogue on this replication subject. I've been showing lots of people the interface and the admin interface, and they're totally floored, often comments about how much they hate Exchange and want to dump it for Zimbra (after seeing it). So I've recommended it a few places, and I know that one of the questions is how it handles multiple sites and message routing, etc, etc.

Thanks for any input or direction on this, and thanks to the Zimbra guys for a great product (my days of being whipped into submission by qmail are over).