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Thread: getting duplicate copy of old emails every day

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    Default getting duplicate copy of old emails every day


    One strange issue my users are domain users are keep getting duplication of old mails every day. the sender domain can be anything..its not specific...
    for example, if one mail they have recevied on 22nd April'09 from external domain, then they will keep getting single copy of that mail EVERY DAY WITH ORIGINAL DATE AND TIME.
    And this is not a single example..there different users are facing problem with different email its not specific sender domain...
    I tried to track one of the mail from 22nd April..i observed the same meesage ID getting delivered every day in mailbox.log..but i didnt found any logs in messages or zimbra.log related to this.

    I goned through below link :
    Troubleshooting: Duplicate e-mails created by IMAP | The Technology of Teamwork
    But this issue is different ....

    My Users are using zimbra web interface...

    Please help.

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