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Thread: zmprov zimbraImapNumThreads

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    Default zmprov zimbraImapNumThreads


    i have done this in order to avoid thunderbird imap concurrent connections issue:

    zmprov ms zimbraImapNumThreads 300

    zmcontrol stop; zmcontrol start

    but when i search for this update with zmprov, still the old value:

    zimbra@mail1:~$ zmprov gacf| grep zimbraImapNumThreads
    zimbraImapNumThreads: 200

    But if i go to AdminGui, under imap tab i can see the new value "300"

    What value is being apply 200 or 300 ?

    Why zmprov is telling me 200 and in the admin gui i can see the value 300 ?


    PS: ubuntu 8.04 5.11 NE edition

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    Were you able to solve this by now? Maybe the discrepancy get resolved after a restart?

    What I'm really wondering is about how many IMAP/Thunderbird users you have. Would you mind sharing that? I'm just trying to wrap my head around zimbra performance/optimization issues.

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    This is a pretty old thread, but want to give an answer for it for future users.

    Type in
    zmprov gs `zmhostname` zimbraImapNumThreads
    into the terminal as zimbra user and you see the correct number of IMAP threads that you have set.

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