Dear All,

for system implement, we need to create thousands account and distribution list. We're already created the necessary file and plan to run script like this :

zmprov < account_cmd
zmprov < list_cmd

account_cmd is something like:
ca 111111 .....
ca 222222 ....

list_cmd is something like:
cdl list1@xxx.xxxx
adlm abc@other.domain
adlm xxx@other.domain

Just hope to understand, can we run this two script together?

1. can we create distribution list with members which is still not created in this system??

2. any potential problem if running this two scripts (for account , and for distribition list) together? any resource conflict?

any advice? Thanks.

BTW, it's kind of slow for such creation action. 18000 account almost takes 1 day..:P