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Thread: [SOLVED] Adding MTA

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    Default [SOLVED] Adding MTA


    I'm looking at adding an MTA to my current Zimbra install to help move the external email processing off the mailbox store/web interface.
    Right now the main Zimbra server is running Zimbra 4.0.5 on RHEL 4.
    I know I'm going to want to setup the MTA with exact same version of Zimbra.
    I was wondering if it would be fine if I installed that on RHEL 5 or if I would need to install it on RHEL 4 as well?

    Thanks for any help or information!

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    As long as MTA (Zimbra) version i Zimbra 4.0.5..OS version dont matter.
    i suggest you update Zimbra to latest version 5.0.1x first and use the same version on MTA (useing RHEL 4 or 5 dont matter)

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