Hello, I can not figure out how to fix this problem.

I have a virtual domain set up, mail.virtualdomain1.com and some user accounts
ie., user1, user2, ... etc

external mail incoming to user1@mail.virtualdomain1.com works fine.

same external mail incoming to user1@virtualdomain1.com gets rejected, zimbra log says postfix NOQUEUE.

I have tried setting up secondary MX records for virtualdomain1 as mx virtualdomain1.com and setting a domain alias in zimbra for mail.virtualdomain1.com as virtualdomain1.com but still get the NOQUEUE problem. help???

i have split dns and set the external mx record for virtualdomain1.com and
the internal dns set for mx virtualdomain1.com

dig mx virtualdomain1.com shows both mx records on the zimbra server.