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Thread: Not getting daily reports

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    Default Not getting daily reports

    I know zmdailyreports has been covered several times, but I have not been able to completely get mine figured out. We have a multi-server setup where ldap and mta are on the same host( and the mailstore/logger on a different host( and another mailstore( After reading through the forums, I have gotten close to figuring out the issue, but want to be sure. When looking at the zimbraSmtpHostname(zmprov gcf zimbraSmtpHostname) on the logger server, it has a value of "localhost". Should that value actually be the mta(

    Thanks for the help!

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    after a year.. nobody answer... and it takes my head to wall when i experiencing similar problem right now.. but a little difference.

    I try to answer.. try to use that instead of localhost. because localhost always a default.
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